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Головна » 2018 » Червень » 18 » We need to be smarter about smartphones
We need to be smarter about smartphones

As people of technology era, plenty of us can’t imagine ourselves without a smartphone in our hands. Is that good or bad? Nobody can tell exactly, but with all this “go green” environmental friendly movements within every minute we become more and more aware of health issues our favorite gadgets cause. Because of it a lot of people argue on whether children should use their smartphones at school or not. To solve this problem, we need to investigate this topic from inside and pinpoint some pros and cons of using smartphones in general.

We acknowledge the positive capabilities of smartphones. According to Studyclix.ie researches, 68% of young people use their smartphones to study. There are dozens of useful sources out there in worldwide web that make people of all ages reach the access to any kind of information that might help develop themselves in different activities.

Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have abilities to keep in touch with students from all over the world. Our smartphones make communication a thousand times easier as we can call or text our friends in any circumstances. It helps us learn about different cultures and just things work in different parts of the world.

Despite all challenges we face during studying, we can easily understand any information. There are hundreds of apps to help us out when we don’t know a couple words in foreign language, for example. Some apps like Memrise or Duolinguo make learning languages a lot easier. We strongly believe that it’s very important while studying.

On the other side of a coin, there are some disadvantages. As we already mentioned, using smartphones can cause some health problems. When used incorrectly it can lead to eye strain or blurred vision, brain cell damaging, thumb arthritis, acne and headaches. These symptoms should send shivers down your spine! Maybe the time has come to realize that health is way more important than entertainment.

We all have that one friend, who has their head stuck in their device. These days, more and more people become addicted to gadgets and this causes a lot of problems with socialization. A lot of teenagers prefer virtual reality to real life, they don’t notice any problems they are surrounded by. As a result, they can’t deal with difficulties of adult life when they grow up.

Finally, as we are talking about school life, children easily can be disrupted in a class by their smartphones. Let’s be honest, it’s a lot more pleasing to scroll Instagram feed or tweet something interesting rather than listen to teacher. And this temptation can easily drag them down in their study achievements, their grades become lower and their knowledge is poor.

To sum up, there are both pros and cons. We believe that smartphones are pretty important, but their use needs to be bordered while at school. We think there should be an app created that restricts children’s access to social media at school or every classroom should be provided with a big box marked “Smartphones are here”. So now the ball is in our court: let us collaborate to protect ourselves from the bad and be smarter about smartphones!

This article is inspired by “We need to be smarter about smartphones” in Sunday Independent from May 27th 2018. This project is created by a group of students from 10th grade: Daryna Khlopuk, Inna Tus’, Anna Shevchuk and Oleksandr Serkov.

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